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Our aim:


Speech is the vocalised form of human communication and is a complex activity. All children exhibit cluttered speech when they begin talking, and many will not reach a point where they are using clear speech until the age of 8, sometimes older. At The Academy we aim to help children accomplish clear speech and defeat any articulation disorders. A strong confident voice with clear articulation says that you are comfortable with yourself and others, and that you deserve to be the leader.

We play many different roles in our everyday lives, thus, having the ability to converse with confidence is crucial in this competitive and challenging world in which we live.

Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance. It assists a child’s development in many ways such as:


  • Building confidence

  • Developing language and communication skills

  • Helps concentration

  • Develops imagination and creativity

  • Encourages team work

  • Gives children a better understanding of the world around them


Whether your child is reserved or exuberant, our classes provide wonderful ways in which children can express themselves.

A priority of The Academy is to instil and encourage a love and appreciation of literature and the arts.




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